Date : The 2nd of March, 2016 (Wed) [3:00 pm - 4:30 pm] @ H701
Discussion Leaders: Prof. Ken Nagamine, Prof. Luca Baiotti, Prof. Kengo Tomida
Title : Gravitational wave discovery by adv-LIGO
Advanced-LIGO has made a sensational announcement on Feb 12
, and there has been a splash of papers on astrophysical imp
lications of their discovery of gravitational waves from bin
ary black holes. At this discussion meeting/seminar, we woul
d like to review the basic points of their discovery and dis
cuss its astrophysical / cosmological implications together.
Prof. Ken Nagamine will make the main presentation, followe
d by insightful inputs by Prof. Luca Baiotti from the perspe
ctive of numerical relativity, and by Prof. Kengo Tomida fro
m star formation theory.

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