Date : The 22th of February, 2016 (Mon.)
Speaker : Dr. Shinsuke Takasao (Kyoto University)
Title : Oscillations seen in solar flares: What can we learn from observations of oscillations?
Solar flares are an explosive phenomenon powered by magnetic
reconnection, and are believed to be a prototype of various
kinds of astrophysical explosions. Solar and many other ast
rophysical flares can be recognised as a sudden increase in
a wide range of electromagnetic waves (from radio to gamma r
ay). It has been known that flares intrinsically show oscill
ations as pulsations in lightcurves and compressional waves
propagating away from the flaring regions. Under the assumpt
ion that the oscillations are caused by magnetohydrodynamics
(MHD) waves excited in flares, people have tried to derive
physical parameters of solar and stellar flares which are di
fficult to directly measure. However, the mechanisms of the
oscillations remain puzzling, and therefore the validity of
the assumption is uncertain. To reveal the intrinsic oscilla
tory nature of solar flares, we carried out MHD simulations
of solar flares. As a result, we discovered that simulated f
lares show characteristics similar to observations, and iden
tified the mechanism which has never been expected. In this
talk, I will begin with a brief introduction of the solar ph
ysics, and then will introduce our results. I will also disc
uss the importance of this finding in the astrophysical cont

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