Date : The 22nd of January, 2016 (Fri.)
Speaker : Dr. Kent Yagi (Princeton University)
Title : Probing Fundamental Physics with Universal Relations for Neutron Stars
Neutron stars offer us an excellent testbed to probe fundame
ntal physics, such as nuclear physics and strong-field gravi
ty. Unlike the well-studied mass-radius relation for neutron
stars that depends strongly on their internal structure, I
first report unexpected universal relations that we found am
ong the moment of inertia, tidal Love number and quadrupole
moment ("I-Love-Q" relations) that are insensitive to the in
ternal structure. Such universal relations help us break the
degeneracy among neutron star parameters when probing funda
mental physics with radio, X-ray or gravitational wave obser
vations. In the second part of my talk, I report another uni
versal relations among tidal parameters in gravitational wav
es from neutron star binaries. Such relations have applicati
ons not only to gravitational wave astrophysics, but also to
nuclear physics as they improve the measurement accuracy of
tidal parameters. Moreover, the relations improve our abili
ty to test extreme gravity and perform cosmology with gravit
ational waves emitted from neutron star binaries.

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