Date : 5/26 (Fri) [10:00 - ] @ F313
Speaker: Dr. Chang-Goo Kim (Princeton University)
Title : Supernova as a regulator of galactic star formation rates and winds
Abstract: Supernova (SN) explosions inject a prodigious amount of energy into the interstellar medium (ISM). This powerful feedback implies that SNe are the dominant regulator of star formation in galaxies. Also, SNe may be a major driver of galactic winds at least in dwarf galaxies. In this talk, Ifm going to revisit the evolution of radiative SN remnants in the warm and cold ISM. I then discuss the roles of SN feedback in regulating galactic star formation rates and driving galactic winds with simple theoretical arguments and state-of-the-art numerical simulations, called TIGRESS (Three-phase ISM in Galaxies Resolving Evolution with Star formation and Supernova feedback).

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