Date : 5/24 (Wed) [15:00 - 17:00] @ F313
Speaker: Prof. Hideki Asada (Hirosaki University)
Title : Gravitomagnetic bending angle of light by rotating objects
One of the outstanding effects of the theory of general rela
tivity is the gravitational deflection of light by mass. The
angular momentum also contributes to the light deflection.
This deflection, which can be related with a vector part of
the gravitational field, may be called the gravitomagnetic d
eflection of light (because of its electromagnetic analogy),
though the gravitomagnetic deflection has not been observed

We discuss a possible method of more precisely calculating t
he bending angle of light in stationary, axisymmetric and as
ymptotically flat spacetimes. For this purpose, we consider
the light rays on the equatorial plane in the axisymmetric s
pacetime. We introduce a spatial metric to define the bendin
g angle of light in a finite-distance situation. We show tha
t the proposed bending angle of light is coordinate-invarian
t by using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem in differential geometry
. The non-vanishing geodesic curvature of the photon orbit w
ith the spatial metric is caused in gravitomagnetism, even t
hough the light ray in the four-dimensional spacetime follow
s the null geodesic. Finally, we consider Kerr spacetime as
an example in order to examine how the bending angle of lig
ht is computed by the present method. We discuss the finite-
distance corrections to the gravitomagnetic deflection angle
for two cases (1) the Sun and (2) Sgr A∗. The effects are
unlikely to be observed with present technology.

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