Date : 4/26 (Wed) [15:00 - 17:00] @ F313
Speaker: Mr. Sunmyon Chon (The University of Tokyo)
Title : The Super Massive Star Formation in the early Universe
Abstract: Many luminous QSOs have been observed in the early universe. This implies that the massive BHs are already exist at z > 6. The so-called direct-collapse scenario postulates the formation of supermassive stars (SMSs) exceeding 10^5 M_sun to provide massive seeds for such massive BHs. This SMS formation takes place under the extreme condition. That is, they are formed in the primordial clouds which are located at the close vicinity of the massive luminous galaxy. However, SMS formation is mainly studied in the isolated cloud, so far. To see whether the SMS will be formed in the Universe, we performed a cosmological simulation considering the evolution of nearby galaxies.

In this seminar, I will show the result of the SMS formation obtained by the cosmological hydrodynamical simulation. Here, we mainly focus on the cloud evolution until the proto-star is formed at the center. We found ~60 candidate clouds but only 2 clouds are going to collapse. This is because the nearby massive galaxy disrupts the cloud collapse by the tidal field. Thus the SMS formation is more difficult than it was though. I will also discuss the required condition for the SMS formation.

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