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The mid term presentation (2015a)

The 16th of June, 2015

Speaker Title
Yutaka Fujita The hadronic origin of multi-TeV gamma rays from low-luminosity active galactic nuclei: implications of past activities of the Galactic center
Shohei Aoyama Development of the sub-grid model for Gadget-3 taking into account the production and destruction of the dust in ISM
Hiroki Kato Gas accretion at the center of galaxy with inner bar
Yang Luo Testing direct collapse with AMR & SPH simulations
Isaac Shlosman The art of making super massive black hole seeds

The 17th of June, 2015

Speaker Title
Tatsuya Satsuka Gas accretion onto seed binary
Satoru Takakura Degree scale CMB B-mode observation with POLARBEAR
Ikko Shimizu Towards a few 10 pc scale cosmological zoom-in simulation
Kentaro Nagamine Latest Development in Feedback Effects for Galaxy Formation